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Simple is Better — CTK03 & CTK04 ComfortNet-Compatible Controls

We offer a group of ComfortNet-compatible control systems, among them the ComfortNet CTK03 communicating control from Honeywell. (Click on the links below to view accessories, training and videos for this model. 

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  Product Features
  • Advanced modulation control
  • Heat pump balance point
  • Auxiliary heat lock-out
  • Continuous fan speed (high, medium low)
  • Full color display
  • Commercial / residential selection option
  • On-board dehumidification capability
  • Humidification control with wireless option
  • Humidifier type selection
  • Window frost / condensation protection
  • Southern dehumidification control
  • Multiple commercial dehumidification options
  • Indoor temperature averaging
  • Device naming option
  • Outdoor temperature  & humidity displays
    (with RedLink)
  • Wireless accessory capability
  • Multi-lingual (English, French, Spanish)
  • Maintenance reminders: air filter, UV lamp, humidifier pad, & electronic air cleaner
  • Continuous, adjustable backlight & contrast
  • Temperature & humidity display adjustments
  • Temperature display °F or °C
  • Max heat & min. cool set-point temps
  • Max / min temperature / humidity alerts
Programming Features
    • User interaction log (historical)
    • Advanced staging control
    • Heat and cool cycle rate adjustable
    • Energy management recovery
    • Internet access
    • Home-screen theme options
    • Customizable home screen
    • Keypad lock-out options
    • Auto-display dimming option
    • Dealer information capability
    • USB upload dealer information & set-up
  Click the links below to download literature.
Warranty   Installation
Manual -- French
Manual -- Spanish